ADANSI BUSINESS CLUB is an organization that aims at providing its members both corporate and individuals with vital resources to propel its members to the next level in their business relationships. We achieve this goal through the following avenues;

Business relationships: Every business flows out of relationships hence Adansi Business Club has as its main goal to create solid connections and quality relationships between its members. This will be realized through timely corporate meetings, events, social activities, picnics etc.

Business Matchmaking: Adansi Business Club is made up individuals from diverse professional backgrounds. And as such, through the relationships we build with each other, we can identify the prospects of each member and meet these potential partners face to face under a variety of settings.

Professional development through Conferences, Training and Seminars: Adansi Business Club will on a timely basis organize or arrange for members to participate in business conferences, seminars and trainings in specialized areas of interest. This will come at a reduced cost to members in good standing.